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Clean Start 2023

Clean Start 2023 is a January initiative to spread the word about Kindness Kits and collect hygiene products for our partner agencies and neighbors. What better time to launch a new program - a clean start - then the beginning of a new year?  You'll hear more about our program on Blair Radio.  Miss the interview?  Once complete it will be uploaded under Non Profit News.

January - Kindness Kit program announced, product is gathered, first business donations received, first 50 kits prepared and applications taken from 5 potential agency partners.


- First kits delivered with deliveries planned to Angel's Share, Blair Community Schools, Washington County Food Pantry and more.

           - Cobalt Credit Union holds a  product drive at it's Blair location inside Family Fare.

Clean Start 2023

Kindness Kits

Kindness Kits are hygiene product packs containing personal care items (soap, deodorant, oral care), feminine hygiene essentials (tampons, pads, liners) or household helps (laundry detergent, dish soap).

Products are gathered or purchased with donated funds. Volunteers then combined the items into kits.

Finished Kindness Kits are then provided to partner agencies like Washington County Food Pantry, who then distribute the kindness kits to those they serve.

Three Kindness Kits are available with periodic additions (lip balm, washcloth, scrub brush) planned to each kit as available. 


Personal Care

Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb and more.


Period Pak

Tampons (Regular and Super), Panty Liners, Ultra Thin Pads, Wipes and more.


Household Help

Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap,

All Purpose Cleaner, Garbage Bag(s), and more.

Partner Agencies

Initial partner agencies receiving (and distributing) Kindness Kits in January 2023 include:


Blair Healing Rooms is currently speaking with additional agencies.

Blair Radio does not distribute Kindness Kits.  

Partner Agencies


Initial donations were received from friends of Blair Healing Rooms.

We hope to mention your favorite company here alongside our first donors:

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Hygiene Sponsors
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